Movement and Function (BeFu)

The research group aims to contribute to knowledge in order to understand how diseases and ailments can arise, be treated and prevented. The research fields are related to body, movement and function in a life span perspective.

The theoretical basis for the research is anchored in natural science, social science, and humanistic knowledge, recognizing that there are many different factors that contributes the health, disease and function

Both physical and psychological stress can manifest in bodily responses, potentially influencing the developement of illnesses. Therefore, physical illness  is interpreted in the context of individuals past experiences, their present situtation, as well as social and cultural influences. This understanding serves as a solid framework for comprehending the emergance, treatment and prevention of various conditions.

The research group engage in theoretical and clinical research, both within mono-professional and interdisciplinary teams.

Group members are also activly engaged in teaching within the Bachelor's program in Physiotherapy and the Masters's program in Clinical Physiotherapy. Additionally, some members participate in teaching the PhD program in Health, Function and Participation, specifically in the subjects PHD908 Intervention Studies and PHD902 Scientific Theory, Ethics and Academic Writing.

Thematic research areas in BeFu:

  • Long-term musculoskeletal disorders / alleviation of mental disorders, life stresses, crises, and trauma. Examination, and treatment as well as conditions related to work opportunity and health.
  • Examination, treatment and prognisis of prolonged dizziness.
  • Heart and lung disorders, including rehabilitation, exercise, physical capability and respiration in extremily premature infants, adolescents and adults.
  • Balance and mobility in elderly with hearing impairments.
  • Development and validation of measurement instruments.
  • Children and adolescents with overweight and obesity.
  • Intensive rehabilitation for individuals with COPD and late symptoms after Covid-10 infection (in collaboration with Helse i Hardanger).
  • Rehabilitation patients in private rehabilitation institutions within specialized healthcare services.
  • Use of digital tools in patient care.
  • Research on health literacy.
  • Return to sports after anterior cruciate ligament surgery.
  • Motor skills developement in infants and measurement instruments for this group.


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