About us

Our group focuses on data science, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, that studies computational models of reasoning, learning, and perception for different applications such as healthcare, energy, and environment.

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning explore different ways that machines can learn and make sense of the data. For learning and inference, machines analyze their previous experience (or someone else experience) to find useful patterns and similarities.

This research group investigates various types of machine learning and data analysis techniques with different forms of data, including structured data, symbolic, logical, and relational representations.

The group is also interested in the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in engineering systems, knowledge discovery, and medical sciences.


bilde av Reza Arghandeh

Reza Arghandeh

Professor and Head of Research Group

Research Group Members

bilde av Carlo Leandro Aall

Carlo Leandro Aall

Professor II

bilde av Carina Bringedal

Carina Bringedal

Associate Professor

bilde av Trygve Buanes

Trygve Buanes

Associate Professor

bilde av Mahdi Ghane

Mahdi Ghane

Associate Professor

bilde av Dejene Assefa Hagos

Dejene Assefa Hagos

Associate Professor

bilde av Rogardt Heldal

Rogardt Heldal


bilde av Vedrana Jez

Vedrana Jez

Associate Professor

bilde av Lars Arne Jordanger

Lars Arne Jordanger

Associate Professor

bilde av Elsa Haagensen Karlsen

Elsa Haagensen Karlsen

Assistant Professor