Research pillars

The PhD programme in Computer Science encompasses the research fields of Software Engineering, Engineering Computing and Sensor Networks.

Software engineering

Software engineering is concerned with the technology, tools, and methods for the construction of software systems that play an essential role in all areas of society such as public administration, transportation systems, communication systems, banking and finance, control of industrial plants, and healthcare.

Engineering computing 

Engineering computing is concerned with the mathematical modelling, simulation and computation for problem solving in engineering and natural science disciplines.

Sensor networks

The area of sensor networks concentrates on the application of communication infrastructure and embedded networked devices for care technology services and industrial wireless sensors networks.

Research Groups

The research pillars of the PhD programme is supported by four core research groups in the areas of

and a number of application and domain-oriented research groups within computer science

The PhD programme also has a substantional number of collaborative PhD projects involving research groups covering all departments at the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences.