Avlyst: GSO-festival


The festival has been postponed because of the situation with Covid-19. The festival will be back in Norway and Bergen in 2022. 

The Global Science Opera invites to a GSO-festival September 6th to 11th. This will be a gathering of enthusiastic STEAM-educators from around the globe. Several international conferences are gathered in Bergen, Norway under the same roof at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. Scientists, researchers, educators and students will all participate in workshops, lectures, exhibitions and concerts. This conglomerate of activity has its base in interdisiplinary collaboration between science and arts. The main scientific theme of the festival is energy and sustainability, and is titled ENERGIZE.

The GSO-festival is supported by and will collaborate with:

There will be an excursion to Osterøy museum during the festival. More information will come. You can read about the museum here.


Fakultet for lærarutdanning, kultur og idrett
Fakultet for lærarutdanning, kultur og idrett