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Call for CHACDOC Bergen 2019, May 22-24

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences invites to the next CHACDOC section conference in Bergen, Norway, May 22nd – 24th 2019.

CHACDOC = Cultural-Historical Approaches to Children’s Development and Childhood

Call for abstract for either presentation or poster
a. Parallel presentation (3 presenters, 15 Min each and 15 Min discussion)
b. Poster

The theme of the meeting is 
Exploration in Early Childhood Education

The subthemes are:

  1. Young children as explorative, creative, responsible, ethical and productive members of the world at large - how can ECE equip children to meet and manage future challenges in life?
  2. Young children as active learners within their local settings rather than as participants in culture free learning environments.
  3. Young children's learning in different nations with different traditions related to family life and community life.
  4. Influences of local traditions and conditions on children's learning and development
  5. Explorative learning in early childhood anchored in local practice and at the same time promoting children’s competences to become oriented to the global world
  6. Children's explorative activities and play that contribute to the learning which prepare them for life and school

All the abstracts should relate to one of the subthemes above and focus on national traditions, institutional practice and children’s development in different part of the world.

Details about the abstracts:

  • The abstract should be no more than 250 words.
  • The abstract should indicate which subtheme you relate your research to, and include; a) background/context; b) focus/aims; c) theoretical framework; d) methodology, and e) results/implication of the (proposed) study. 
  • Please also provide your references (not included in the 250 words). 
  • Please indicate your preference to parallel presentation or posters session.

Send the abstract by email to before January 17, 2019. Your abstract will be reviewed before notification of acceptance. 


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