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Education: 2007 PhD, Dept. of Engineering Cybernetics, NTNU 2000 Master/, Dept. of Engineering Cybernetics, NTNU 1998 Bachelor, Dept. of Control Engineering, Sogn og Fjordane University College (HiSF) Current and previous positions: 2018- Associate Professor, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) 2011-2017 Vice-rector of R&D, HiSF/HVL 2009- Senior Research Scientist (adjunct position) Applied Cybernetics, SINTEF 2011-2011 Dean, Dept. of Engineering and Science, HiSF 2007-2011 Research Manager Motion Control, SINTEF 2003-2006 PhD-scholar, NTNU 2001-2003 Research Scientist, SINTEF Mobility: 2005-2005 Marie Curie Fellowship, CNRS, Paris, France (8 months) Supervision of graduate students and research fellows: 2001-2016 Co-adviced 2 PhD-students and more than 20 Master Students, Dept. of Engineering Cybernetics, NTNU, Norway Institutional responsibilities: 2014 Served as 2nd opponent for the PhD-defence of Espen Oland, NTNU. Commissions of trust: 2015- Deputy board member, Stiftinga Vestlandsforsking, Norway 2014-2017 Board member, IT-forum Sogn og Fjordane, Norway 2013-2017 Board member, Sogn og Fjordane Science Park, Norway 2014-2015 Deputy board member, Sogn Næring, Norway Major collaborators: Professor Kristin Y. Pettersen, Synchronization motion control, Dept. Engineering Cybernetics, NTNU, Norway Professor Antonio Lorìa, Control theory, CNRS, Paris, France Professor Elena Panteley, Control theory, CNRS, Paris, France Professor Henk Nijmeijer, Robot synchronization control, Technical University of Eindhoven, The Netherlands Professor Antonio Pascoal, Maritime control, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisboa, Portugal Ass. Professor Øyvind Stavdahl, Medical cybernetics, Dept. Engineering Cybernetics, NTNU, Norway Major industrial research and innovation projects: • Robotic Rehabilitation of Upper Limb After Stroke (WRESTLE), Research Council, Project leader for pre-project under the IKTPLUSS initiative, 2015-2016. • Jupiter Robotics – Uncertainty and Collision handling, Project leader for project on unmanned platforms for ABB AS involving Statoil, 2009-2012 • Next Generation Robotics for Norwegian industry, Research Council, Project leader for the Dynamic Interaction Control subproject, 2009-2014. • Stabilization of antenna, Project leader of determining antenna attitude with high accuracy by using GPS and INS measurements for Jotron SatCom, 2009-2010. • Cognitive Robotics, Project leader of strategic research project to develop intelligent and cognitive robot systems, 2009-2012. • Unmanned platform 2008-2011, Project leader of robotics lab for inspection and maintenance of unmanned platforms for StatoilHydro, 2008-2011. • Pipe-inspection with Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), Project leader of strategic project on the development of an AUV with pipe-tracking sensors, 2009. • Unmanned Surface Vehicle control, Project leader of analysis and verification of autopilot control system for Maritime Robotics, 2008. • Robot locomotion and sensor fusion for pipe inspection, Project leader of Locomotion subproject, 2008 • From 3D-vision to Robot Navigation, Project leader of the Navigation subproject, 2007. Automation of anode replacement, Project leader of a study for Elkem Alu. Mosjøen, 2007. • Motion Coordination Control, Project leader of scientific post. doc. project for NTNU in coordinated motion control for mechanical systems, 2007 – 2008. • HERO, Project member for EU project ”Highly Advanced Coloration Methods”, a robot trajectory planning project for high speed coloration of toys, 2001 - 2003. • Effective control and supervisory systems, Project leader of the Communication of Specification subproject, 2002-2003. • LADDE, Project team member of “LADDE”, a motion estimation project for medical classification for diagnosis, 2001 – 2002.

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  • Robot rehabilitering
  • Samarbeidande robotar
  • Human-Robot Interaction
  • Bevegelsesestimering

Utvalde publikasjonar

  • Dynamic and kinematic observers for output coordination control of Euler-Lagrange systems: A comparison and applications

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  • Safe Reinforcement Learning for Continuous Spaces through Lyapunov-Constrained Behavior

    Fjerdingen, Sigrud Aksnes, Kyrkjebø, Erik (2011)
  • A Robotic Concept for Remote Inspection and Maintenance on Oil Platforms

    Kyrkjebø, Erik, Liljebäck, Pål, Transeth, Aksel Andreas (2009)
  • Motion Coordination of Mechanical Systems. Leader-Follower Synchronization of Euler-Lagrange Systems using Output Feedback Control

    Kyrkjebø, Erik, Pettersen, Kristin Ytterstad (2007)
  • Operational space synchronization of two robot manipulators through a virtual velocity estimate

    Kyrkjebø, Erik, Pettersen, Kristin Ytterstad (2007)