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Anna Marie Gjedrem is from a small town in Norway, she grew up on a farm. She is currently a PhD student in ‘Social Sciences for Fire Disaster Prevention’ at HVL, Haugesund, and the European University of CYPRUS, CERIDES. She is part of the research group DYNAMIC. Her research is funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

She works in close collaboration with Monika Metallinou (HVL, Haugesund), Torgrim Log (HVL Haugesund and Gassco) Lene Jørgensen (HVL, Haugesund).

DYNAMIC conducts interdisciplinary research to understand which parameters can lead to disastrous Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) fires and how to reduce this risk. The research team are developing knowledge about major fires, risk-reducing measures, methodology for dynamic warning of increased risk and contributing to proactive preparedness for better management of major WUI fire risk. This will provide better safety for all at-risk groups.

Anna is involved in participatory and action research in collaboration with local civic burner groups. In collaboration with several other stakeholders, she investigates practical innovations for WUI fire prevention, such as NoFence a virtual fencing system, and BRICOLAGE approaches, techniques, and tools for prescribed burning (PB). Currently, she is investigating previous major WUI fires on the West Coast of Norway. Drawing lessons learned from these incidents to inform future preventive measures. She has also personally participated in several PB operations and facilitated a drone community at the Haugesund campus together with Øyvind Fosse.

During her master’s degree in International Development at the Norwegian University of Life Sciences in Ås she enrolled in an internship at the Norwegian Refugee Council Safety Department. For her master thesis, she traveled to Jordan and Tonga to conduct research about women empowerment and solar technology, under the supervision of Gry Synnevåg and Arild Vatn. During this time she lived 7 weeks on a sailboat on Vava’u, Tonga.