Alice Demattos Guimaraes

Alice Demattos Guimaraes
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Alice Demattos Guimarães is currently a PhD Research Fellow in Alternative finance as a responsible innovation within the culture sector, at Mohn Centre for Innovation and Regional Development, in HVL (Western Norway of Applied Science). She is a PhD Candidate in the Programme Responsible Innovation and Regional Development (RESINNREG) at the same institution and her research is embedded in the CrowdCul Project ( The purpose of her PhD research is to delve into the opportunities of co-creation of (diverse) values within Cultural Crowdfunding.

She defines herself as a Brazilian cultural-urban economist, graduated from the Federal University of Minas Gerais. She has been working for more than five years as a researcher in the field of urban development correlated to the cultural sector, with focus on museums and performance arts. She holds a master in Global Markets and Local Creativity, awarded with the Erasmus Mundus Masters Scholarship for the two-years international jointed degree granted by the University of Glasgow (School of Social & Political Science), University of Barcelona (School of Economics and Business) and the Erasmus University of Rotterdam (School of History, Culture & Communication).

More about her PhD Research Project

The PhD project is embedded in the major international research project CrowdCul: Crowdfunding in the Culture Sector: Adoption, Effects and Implications, funded by the Research Council of Norway. Follow the research updates on the project's website:

The purpose of this project is to understand crowdfunding in a broader-than-finance perspective, representing a (social) responsible innovation within the cultural industries. The project aims to establish the mechanism of crowdfunding as a non-traditional solution for the financial challenges long faced by cultural and artistic organizations and (socio)cultural projects, at the same time as it comes as an innovative opportunity of co-production and collective mobilization. Ultimately, the goal is to point out cultural crowdfunding as a mechanism capable of diverse values co-creation, boosting culture, arts and creativity towards sustainable and inclusive socioeconomic (regional) development. 

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  • Cultural Economics
  • Social Innovation

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Main research interests are:

  • Cultural Economics and Creative Industries
  • Inclusive (Urban) Development
  • Creativity Management and Social Innovation
  • Alternative Finance, mainly crowdfunding
  • Decolonial Theory withing Philosophy of Science