Professor II

Kristin Linnerud

Arbeids- og kompetanseområde

I am Professor in renewable energy and sustainable development at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) and a senior research fellow at CICERO center for climate research (part time). Please visit my Researchgate or Cristin profile for more information.

I am trained as an economist and have a master degree in finance from London School of Economics (LSE, 1990), and a doctoral degree in economics at Norwegian School of Economics (NHH, 2008).

I teach and supervise students at the Bachelor program in Renewable Energy, at the Master program in Climate Management and at PhD programs at NMBU and NTNU.

I have been visiting professor at Oxford University (2015, 2016, 2018), London University College (2014, 2015), London School of Business (2014), and Oxford Brookes University (2005-06).

I have done research on issues related to energy, climate policy and sustainable development since 2008. My work reflects a theoretical/methodological competence in microeconomics, behavioral economics, econonometrics and real options theory.

I have initiated, managed and taken part in research projects funded by the Research Council of Norway. We have allways included partners from the industry, finance sector as well as from the public sector in these projects. The research topics reflects knowledge needs in the energy sector. 

In the research projects, as well as in teaching and supervising, I benefit from a working experience outside academiaFor 12 years I held a position as a board member in a vertically integrated power company, and I have also been a board member in an energy-intensive aluminium company. I have worked as analyst and manager in the natural gas, finance and educational sector before I became a researcher.

My main publications are: What next for Sustainable Development? (eds) (Edward Elgar, 2019), The Imperatives of Sustainable Development (Routledge, 2017), The Imperatives of sustainable development (Sustainable Development, 2017)The impact of climate change on nuclear power supply (Energy Journal, 2011), Market and policy risk under different renewable electricity support schemes (Energy, 2015), The Swedish-Norwegian Tradable Green Certificate Scheme: Scheme Design Flaws and Perceived Investment Barriers (Energy Policy, 2017), Investment barriers under a renewable electricity support scheme: Differences across investor types” (Energy, 2015), Investment timing under uncertain renewable energy policy: An empirical study of small hydropower projects (Energy, 2014), Sustainable development: Our common future revisited (Global Environmental Change, 2014) , Sustainable Passenger Transport: Back to Brundtland (Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practise, 2013), Troublesome Leisure Travel: The Contradictions of Three Sustainable Transport Policies (Urban Studies, 2011).