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Lecturer in the bachelor programmes at HVL in software engineering and information technology, the master programme in software engineering, and the PhD programme in computer science. Supervisor for bachelor, master, and PhD students in software engineering and computer science at HVL.

  • Programmme Coordinator for the Master ( programme of study in applied computer science and engineering at FIN
  • WP manager software technology and big-data middleware in the Centre for Research-based Innovation (SFI) SmartOcean   
  • Member of the PhD programme committe for computer science, and member of the study programme committee master programme and software engineering and for the bachelor and master programmes in information technology.
  • Co-investigator on software technology in the NFR-funded DYNAMIC project og fire safety and fire risk prediction

Member of several international conference programme committes within computer science, and member of the working group of the Norwegian Concultative Board on Informatics.

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Underviser i
  • Grunnleggende Programmering (bachelor)
  • Nettverksteknologi og distribuerte systemer (bachelor)
  • Avansert Programvareteknologi (master)
  • Model-basert programvareutvikling og pålitelige programvare system (phd)
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Research interests are in the areas of concurrent and distributed software systems engineering, model-driven software engineering, software verification, explicit state space methods and model checking, computer tools for validation and verification, ad hoc networking and sensor networks for industrial automation, modeling and reliability of process and control systems, cloud computing and internet-of-things.



  • Marine Data Sharing: Challenges, Technology Drivers and Quality Attributes

    Lima, Keila, Nguyen, Ngoc-Thanh, Heldal, Rogardt, Knauss, Eric, Oyetoyan, Tosin Daniel, Pelliccione, Patrizio, Kristensen, Lars Michael (2022)
  • Tree Species Classification Using High-Resolution Satellite Imagery and Weakly Supervised Learning

    Gazzea, Michele, Kristensen, Lars Michael, Pirotti, Francesco, Ozguven, Eren Erman, Arghandeh, Reza (2022)
  • Towards the Application of Coloured Petri Nets for Design and Validation of Power Electronics Converter Systems

    Steinsland, Vegard, Kristensen, Lars Michael, Zhang, Shujun (2022)
  • Formal Specification and Validation of a Data-driven Software System for Fire Risk Prediction

    Strand, Ruben Dobler, Petrucci, Laure, Kristensen, Lars Michael (2022)
  • MC/DC Test Cases Generation Based on BDDs

    Ahishakiye, Faustin, Requeno Jarabo, Jose Ignacio, Kristensen, Lars Michael, Stolz, Volker (2021)
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