Marcus Landschulze

Arbeids- og kompetanseområde

R&D of complex systems and understanding their behavior is the world I belong to work in.
Describing complex systems using algorithms and simulations and comparing results with the
real world I find so fascinating that I cannot help but to see the whole world as an interacting
complex system that I am a tiny part of. Which actually is an interesting loop: I am a complex
system thinking about complex systems in a complex world and trying to understand and manipulate
complex systems. That changes me as a complex system thinking about…

Research focus and activities:

-          Signal processing (incl. non-linear and dispersive signals)
-          Automation and Control Systems
-          IoT and IoT security
-          Healthcare technologies
-          Underwater and ice acoustics
-          Geophysics (sensor development, seismic data processing)
-          Avalanche research and geohazard (Seismology)

Industrial background:

-          Automotive industry
-          Aeronautic and space industry
-          Bank industry & IoT security
-          Oil and Gas industry
-          Sport industry (wearables)



Underviser i
  • ING2303 Maritim Elektroteknikk
  • ELE102 Programming Microcontroller
  • ELE205 Advanced Programming
Forskar på
  • IoT devices for healthcare (ICT)
  • Sensor developent for avalanche and geohazard research
  • Signal processing with focus in frequency analysis and machine learning
  • Embedded software desing (realtine on IoT)
  • Sensor development


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