Oded Ben-Horin

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Associate Professor Oded Ben-Horin is Head of Department of Arts Education at HVL.

Oded coordinates the Global Science Opera and is a co-developer of that concept which was initiatied as a cornerstone project in the UN-sanctioned International Year of Light 2015. He was responsible for implementation of the EU Horizons 2020 project “Developing an Engaging Science Classroom (CREATIONS)” in Norway; coordinated the EU Erasmus+ project “Creativity, Art and Science in Primary Education (CASE)”; was Project Coordinator of the EU Comenius project “Implementing Creative Strategies into Science Teaching” (CREAT-IT), 2013-15; led the Pedagogical Framework of the EU Erasmus+ project “SPACE”; was WP leader for Global Science Opera research in the Norwegian Research Council project “iSCOPE”.

Oded has delivered lectures on creative education at the Royal Institution/Lunar Mission One (London), the Greek Physical Society (Athens), the European Space Agency Technology Center (Noordwijk), Scientix (Brussels) and City University of New York (New York) among others.

Oded has published several research and popular science articles on creativity, improvisation and interdisciplinarity in education. He is the main developer of Write a Science Opera (WASO), which was the foundation for the Danish Education and Culture Ministries’ “Springfrø” prize for Creativity in Schools awarded to “Opera i Midten” (2016). Oded has led WASO workshops at the Norwegian Opera (Oslo), the Flemish Opera (Antwerp), the Louis Cruls Astronomy Club (Campos, Brazil) among others, and in schools in various countries. He has a PhD in Arts Education, a Masters Degree in Music Performance and Bachelor Degrees in Business Administration and Musicology.

Oded is a jazz vocalist, composer and lyricist.

Forskar på
  • Creative and arts-integrated improvisational practices in the context of Norwegian primary school education (GLU) practicum students.
  • STEAM education

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