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Mental Health and Substance Abuse

The research group for mental health and substance abuse has considerable expertise relating to the variety of challenging life experiences faced by a person throughout his or her lifetime, and the effect these have on his or her physical and mental health.

The formal expertise of the research milieu traverses a variety of disciplines within the health and social sciences. Research covers societal factors such as poverty and unemployment, substance abuse, divorce and family breakdowns, domestic violence, sudden death and suicide.

The group’s members also look at the importance of the support of social networks, peers, and professionals, as well as improvement processes, research ethics, plagiarism, and academic myths.

The members of the research group have contributed key knowledge in their respective fields by way of a large number of published academic articles and textbooks.

The relevance and value of this knowledge is proven by that fact that it has been adopted as part of international curricula, and is referenced in NOU reports and other studies. In addition, the group’s members are often invited to give talks and to serve on a variety of committees. In the spring of 2016, the research group published the book Challenging life experiences.


Head of research

bilde av Vibeke Samsonsen

Vibeke Samsonsen

Associate Professor

Deputy leader

bilde av Inger Kristin Heggdalsvik

Inger Kristin Heggdalsvik

Associate Professor