Alicja Renata Sadownik

Arbeids- og kompetanseområde

Alicja R. Sadownik associate professor at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and Kindergarten Knowledge Center for Systemic Research on Diversity and Sustainable Futures. She researchers on childhood(s), ECE settings and parental cooperation in the context of migration and socio-cultural diversity.

Underviser i

  • Barnehagelærerutdanning BACHELOR nivå: Pedagogikk i LSU1 (Ledelse, samarbeid, utviklingsarbeid)
  • Barnehagelærerutdanning BACHELOR nivå: bachelor-oppgave (veileder)
  • Master i Barnehagekunnskap: Ledelse av kvalitetsutvikling i barnehage
  • Master i Barnehagekunnskap: Masteroppgave (veileder)
  • International bachelor course: Sustainable Development by Involvement
  • PhD programm: Danning og didaktiske praksiser; kurs: Kindergarten as an arena for cultural formation (PhD 907)
  • PhD programm: Danning og didaktiske praksiser: Bi-veileder

Forskar på

  • My research focuses on socio-economic inequalities, cultural diversity, and migration in relation to early childhood education (ECE). I publish in academic journals with high impact factors and in professional journals for (ECE) teachers in Norwegian, Polish, and Croatian. The phenomenon of migration is strongly connected to my life experiences. My areas of interest are as follows:
  • Children and migration
  • ECEC cooperation with migrant parents
  • Bulling as result of growing socio-economic inequalities
  • Belongign and participation of migrant children in the ECEC context
  • ECE as arena for trust in multi- and intercultural societies
  • I am interested in cooperation in EEA-grants of all kinds, H2020 as well as Horizon Europe proposals.


  • Shut down and re-opening: children, professionals and ECEC-teacher education students during the pandemics

    Sadownik, Alicja R., Haukenes, Marie Brandvoll, Hjelle, Kristine, Sollesnes, Birgitte Ivarhus, Kjerstin, Sjursen (2020)
  • Does the New Kindergarten Teacher Education Program in Norway Provide Good Conditions for Professional Kindergarten Teachers?

    Aasen, Wenche, Sadownik, Alicja R. (2019)
  • Belonging and participation at stake. Polish migrant children about (mis)recognition of their needs in Norwegian ECECs - article based presentation

    Sadownik, Alicja R. (2019)
  • Cake as a manifestation of (the lack of) family agency in the context of early childhood education

    Sadownik, Alicja R. (2019)
  • Hvorfor frykter polske foreldre norsk barnevern, men stoler på barnehagen?

    Sadownik, Alicja R. (2019)
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