Arbeids- og kompetanseområde

Televerket/Telenor between August 1976 and March 2001

Research on fiber optical communication systems.

The research on semiconductor lasers in the 1500nm region

The research was both experimental and theoretical, as I did all the processing and characterization of the lasers in addition to all the theoretical calculations.

The lasers that were made had comparable quality to similar lasers reported by international research groups.

The theoretical work was done in collaboration with senior scientist from A.F. Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia. He worked in the research group of Nobel Laureate Zhores I. Alferov. Dr. Khalfin. My theoretical work resulted in a novel method for polarizations independent four-wave mixing, this method was later proved experimentally.

I changed my research focus to data communication. My main interests were on IP-based technologies. I headed one of the tasks in the Eurescom project P918 “Integration of IP over Optical Networks: Networking and Management”. The project P918 studied the architecture of the next generation IP-based networks and included peer R&D groups from 11 European countries. The research effort proved important to Telenor as it was the ground work for a cost effective network. Based on my research, I gave important contribution to the transformation of Telenor`s networks, among many presentations I presented the future network structure to CTO in the Executive Management and CxO’s in various Business units.

Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (FFI) 2001 - 2006

I was as project leader of the project «NbF-Grid». It was one of the largest projects at the institute and it had a total budget of 85.5 million NOK.

The research topics of the project were all focused towards future military networks, and it included topics like middleware, data communication (IP based networks), and wireless technologies. My main research topics were data communication for wireless networks. I did research on quality of service, traffic engineering, routing in ad hoc networks (MANET), multicast in MANET, radio systems. I participated in the INSC (Interoperable Networks for Secure Communications), which was a collaborating research project between eight NATO countries. The project did research on next generation military networks.

Based on this research, I contributed in planning the future networks in the armed forces, this work was headed by to the Ministry of Defence.

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