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In 2020 I joined Shujun Zhang research group as PhD. research fellow. Our work will focus on DC Microgrid for marine application, concerning integration and stability.

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  • ELE119 Kraftelektronikk
Forskar på
  • Power Electronics
  • DC Microgrid
  • Engineering Computing
  • Coloured Petri Nets
  • Machine Learning


  • Towards the Application of Coloured Petri Nets for Design and Validation of Power Electronics Converter Systems

    Steinsland, Vegard, Kristensen, Lars Michael, Zhang, Shujun (2022)
  • Integration Design of Sub-Module for Medium Voltage Modular Multilevel Converter

    Steinsland, Vegard, Haustveit, Eirik, Håland, Endre Berntsen, Zhang, Shujun (2021)
  • Comparison of Supercapacitor and Battery Transient Response for DC-bus

    Steinsland, Vegard, Zhang, Shujun, Reigstad, Marius, Storebø, Fredrik (2021)
  • Design of Modular Multilevel Converters for the Shipnet in medium Voltage DC All-Electric Ships

    Steinsland, Vegard, Kristensen, Lars Michael, Arghandeh, Reza, Zhang, Shujun (2020)
  • A New Approach to Include Complex Grounding System in Lightning Transient Studies and EMI Evaluations

    Steinsland, Vegard, Sivertsen, Lasse Hugo, Cimpan, Emil, Zhang, Shujun (2019)
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