Language Policy Index for Migrants (LAPIM) - digital event October 18th


On October 18th, the EALTA and ALTE Special Interest Groups on Migration and Integration co-organised an online event taking place on the Language Policy Index for Migrants (LAPIM). 

The Language Policy Index for Migrants (LAPIM) measures the linguistic requirements in integration and citizenship policy as well as learning opportunities for migrants across Europe. It is the first index of its kind to be designed specifically for this purpose. It was designed within the IMPECT Research Project at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences with the purpose of ranking countries according to their relative strictness in language policy. LAPIM has been piloted in 6 European countries and data have been collected from 20 countries to date. The index describes both explicit language requirements for migrants (such as language tests) as well as implicit language requirements (e.g., knowledge of society tests) and existing language learning opportunities in each country.

Cecilie Hamnes Carlsen and Lorenzo Rocca (chairs of the ALTE LAMI SIG)  shared the development of this index and discuss current and future use.

Download the LAPIM index here:

LAPIM 2023 (Excel)

LAPIM instructions.pdf



Presentation of IMPECT at Società Dante Alighieri

Cecilie Hamnes Carlsen and Edit Bugge visiting Lorenzo Rocca at Dante in Rome, presenting the project to our Italian colleagues. 

Kick-off seminar at Solstrand

IMPECT had a productive kick-off seminar at Solstrand hotel in September 2021 (and with some pjoject members on video conference), to plan the work ahead. 


Saturday seminar: Migration tests and low-literate adult learners (September 4th) in Bergen

A public seminar on migration tests and low-literate adult learners was held in Bergen in early September 2021, with a lecture by Ricky van Oers on "Deserving citizenship – reasons for introduction and consequences of citizenship tests", Elana Shohamy on "Critical language testing & test ethics", Bart Deygers on "The impact of human rights on language testing practices", Jeanne Kurvers on "Low-literate learners and L2-learning", and Lorenzo Rocca on "LASLLIAM – a new tool for teachers of low-literate learners"

The seminar was sponsored by Bergen municipality,  Analyzing and assessing linguistic multicompetence (HVL), Mangfold og inkludering (HVL), forskergruppa for Språktesting og språkvurdering (UiB).