Presentation of IMPECT at Società Dante Alighieri

Cecilie Hamnes Carlsen and Edit Bugge visiting Lorenzo Rocca at Dante in Rome, presenting the project to our Italian colleagues. 

Kick-off seminar at Solstrand

IMPECT had a productive kick-off seminar at Solstrand hotel in September 2021 (and with some pjoject members on video conference), to plan the work ahead. 


Saturday seminar: Migration tests and low-literate adult learners (September 4th) in Bergen

A public seminar on migration tests and low-literate adult learners was held in Bergen in early September 2021, with a lecture by Ricky van Oers on "Deserving citizenship – reasons for introduction and consequences of citizenship tests", Elana Shohamy on "Critical language testing & test ethics", Bart Deygers on "The impact of human rights on language testing practices", Jeanne Kurvers on "Low-literate learners and L2-learning", and Lorenzo Rocca on "LASLLIAM – a new tool for teachers of low-literate learners"

The seminar was sponsored by Bergen municipality,  Analyzing and assessing linguistic multicompetence (HVL), Mangfold og inkludering (HVL), forskergruppa for Språktesting og språkvurdering (UiB).