Emil Tomson Lindfors

Arbeids- og kompetanseområde

Aquaculture innovation researcher pursuing a PhD focusing on the emergence of novel production systems in the global salmon aquaculture industry. Close connections to the salmon farming industry and the aquaculture startup ecosystem through association with the KABIS and SALMANSVAR project and Hatch Aquaculture Accelerator.

Graduated with a master in Innovation and entrepreneurship with a master thesis on the potential of salmon aquaculture industry path extension into cell-based seafood. Bs. in aquaculture biology, Ms. in Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Experienced in salmon research, production, digitalization, export, and technology. Passionate about sustainability, futurism, technology, biotech and biology.

Forskar på
  • Havbruksindustrien
  • Regional utvikling
  • Bærekraftige transformasjoner
  • evolusjonær økonomisk geografi


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