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English linguistics, applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, discourse analysis, inclusion in English language teaching


Emneansvarlig MGU/BEN 550

Emneansvarlig MGUEN 102

Faglærer MGU/BEN 503

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Research group leader: Discourses of Gender and Sexuality (DoGS)


Short CV

Ph.D. in English linguistics with a thesis on advertising language and gender (2005, Goethe University Frankfurt)

Completion of post-doc project (Habilitation) on language and European identity formation (2012, Goethe University Frankfurt)

Former professorships at universities in Bayreuth, Siegen, Mainz and Braunschweig

Full Professor of English as a Foreign Language at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (since 2017)

Marie Curie Global Fellowship with a project on language and sexual normativity (2017-2020, Florida Atlantic University, USA)

General Editor of the Journal of Language and Sexuality (since 2010)

Underviser i
  • English linguistics
  • Linguistic research methods
  • Applied linguistics
  • Sociolinguistics
  • Discourse analysis
Forskar på
  • Language, gender and sexuality
  • English in Europe; English as a lingua franca
  • Politeness; compliments; intercultural communication
  • Contrastive linguistics; English vs. other European languages
  • Advertising language; language in the media; language in pop music
  • Linguistic methods: critical discourse analysis; linguistic landscape analysis; corpus linguistics
  • European language policy; language and national identity; language and Europeanisation
  • Language and inclusion in ELT; linguistic representation in EFL teaching materials; schoolscapes; critical applied linguistics; language and normativity
  • English grammar: relativisation, personal nouns, pronouns, names, grammatical gender, coordinative structures (binomials), proper names and their grammar
  • Info on projects and publications
  • Discourses of Gender and Sexuality (DoGS)
  • Analyzing and Assessing Linguistic Multicompetence (AALM)
  • Journal of Language and Sexuality (General Editor)
  • Gender & Language (Editorial Board Member)
  • GLAD – Language, Gender and Sexualities/Revue sur le langage, le genre, les sexualités (Editorial Board Member)
  • YLMP - Young Linguists’ Meeting in Poznan (Advisory Board Member)
  • Lavender Languages and Linguistics Conference (Advisory Board Member)
  • Language Teaching Research Quarterly (Editorial Board Member)
  • Names: A Journal of Onomastics (Editorial Board Member)
  • Journal of Language and Popular Culture (Editorial Board Member)
  • Memberships: International Gender and Language Association [IGALA], American Name Society [ANS], DiscourseNet Association, Eurovision Research Network [ERN], International Network of Address Research [INAR], Gesellschaft für Angewandte Linguistik [GAL], International Association of Applied Linguistics [AILA], Early Language Learning Research Association [ELLRA]



  • Motschenbacher, Heiko (2024): “Contrasting a university's language policy with its linguistic landscape: A Norwegian case study.” Current Issues in Language Planning 25.3: 237-265.

    Motschenbacher, Heiko (2024)
  • Contrasting a university's language policy with its linguistic landscape: a Norwegian case study

    Motschenbacher, Heiko (2023)
  • Diversity and Representation in the ELT Classroom

    Motschenbacher, Heiko (2022)
  • Linguistic Dimensions of Sexual Normativity: Corpus-Based Evidence

    Motschenbacher, Heiko (2022)
  • Linguistic Barriers in Foreign Language Education

    Motschenbacher, Heiko (2022)
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