Valeria Jana Schwanitz

Arbeids- og kompetanseområde

Personal background: I am an energy economist with experience in first-principle models, energy system modeling, and empirical analysis of coupled human-nature systems in the context of climate change and sustainable development. I am a member of the board of the  Joint Program "e3s - Economic, Environmental and Social Impacts of the Energy Transition" of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) and I also lead the sub-program on 'Data science and artificial intellegence" of the newly established EERA Joint Proggram 'Digitalization of energy'. I am furthermore the leader of the "Green Innovation Pillar" of the HVL PhD program RESINNREG. Finally, I am proud to be a Distinguished Fellow at the Schumacher Institute for Sustainable Systems, Bristol, UK. For peer-reviewed publications, visit research gate or browse the list below. Current projects:

  • H2020 Research Project COMETS. "Collective action Models for Energy Transition and Social Innovation" (from 05/2019). 12 European partners, HVL builds a Europe-wide inventory for citizen-led low carbon energy projects. More information & links
  • ERASME - Jean Monet Center of Excellence on Sustainable Development at the University Clermont-Auvergne, France (from April 2019). Cooperation in education & research. 
  • H2020 Project EERAdata. "Towards a FAIR and open data ecosystem in the low carbon energy research community" (from 03/2020). 6 European partners, HVL leads. Project website & project wiki.  
  • H2020 Project DRES2Markets. " Technical, business, and regulatory approaches to enhance the renewable energy capabilities to take part actively in the electricity and ancillary service markets" (from 08/2020). 15 European partners. Project website.
  • AI for sustainable energy (09/2020-09/2022). HVL financed research cooperation between the research groups "Data Science" and "Data-driven energy system analysis".




Underviser i

  • GE4-300 Klimaendringar og klimapolitikk
  • PL4-302 Mot eit null-utsleppssamfunn
  • NA-422 Naturfag med vekt på klima, energi og miljø

Forskar på

  • data-driven energy system analysis
  • integrated assessment of human-nature systems
  • renewable energy and technological change
  • validation of process-based integrated assessment models
  • FAIR and open energy data