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GE4-300 Climate Change and Climate Policy

Emneplan for studieåret 2023/2024

Innhald og oppbygging

The course introduces the global warming problem as a multidisciplinary challenge. The students learn about processes in the human-nature system that define the scope for climate change mitigation and adaptation. Topics include the natural sciences bases of climate change, observation and impacts of global warming, climate and integrated assessment modelling, social aspects of mitigation and adaptation measures, as well as the politics and governance of the global problem. 

The course will establish the necessary knowledge needed for further studies in course 3 (ecosystem response to climate change); course 4 (climate mitigation); course 7 (climate change adaptation); and course 8 (how to combine climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies, and how to move from adjustment to transformation of society).



The student has: 

  • basic knowledge of climate system science and interlinkages with the human systems,
  • overview on the observations and impacts of climate change globally and in Norway,
  • basic understanding of modelling tools (climate models, integrated assessment models, local/regional impact models), 
  • overview on scenarios and options for mitigation and adaptation (incl. transitional aspects and low-carbon emission pathways),
  • basic understanding of the politics and governance of the global warming problem (incl.  UNFCCC mechanisms and the role of the IPCC)
  • overview on GHG emission targets and climate actions, internationally and in Norway,
  • overview on issues of the debate of climate change.


The student is able to:

  • summarize the scientific basis of the global warming problem.
  • critically address issues of climate change and climate policy.
  • understand scientific publications about the topic.
  • apply basic analysis tools. 

General competence

The student can:

  • develop a profound understanding of complex systems thinking and global warming as a multidisciplinary challenge.
  • inform about the global warming problem and the options to solving it.
  • employ, gather and assess relevant literature.

Krav til forkunnskapar

Completed bachelor degree of 180 ECTS

Tilrådde forkunnskapar


Undervisnings- og læringsformer

  • Interactive lectures
  • Seminars and exercises
  • Assignments (passing of exercises, participation in climate negotiation game)

Obligatorisk læringsaktivitet

  1. Exercise I "Global warming" 
  2. Exercise II "Observing global warming with data"
  3. Exercise III "Human nature system" 
  4. Participation in climate negotiation game (role play game)


Individual oral exam

Grading A-F