MOØ222 Technology Management 1

Emneplan for studieåret 2020/2021

Innhald og oppbygging

The knowledge content of this course covers technology management based on organisation theory, theories on leadership and innovation in technology based organizations. In addition, an important part of the course gives an introduction to principles for business ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR). The course is given in the form of seminars in order to give students personal experience in reading, reflecting on and presenting articles and chapters from the curriculum. Students are expected to participate extensively with presentations and discussions. The students are required to submit one written report.



On completion of the course the student has advanced knowledge of:

  • principle theories and principles of theories about organisation, administration and innovation in private and public organisations.
  • principle theories of leadership, management and innovation in technology-based organisations.
  • knowledge production and management in professional organisations.
  • stakeholder theory and principles for business ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR).


On completion of the course the student can:

  • carry out data collection with the necessary skills for conducting critical research on organisations and management.
  • analyse a private or public organisation with respect to organisation structure, culture, human relations, technology, innovation capacity and management.
  • analyse and suggest instruments for ethical behaviour and CSR in a given organisation.

General Competence

On completion of the course the student:

  • can participate in consultancy work in the areas of organisation, relevant technology and management.
  • can communicate relevant topics to both specialists and non-specialists.
  • knows when further expertise is necessary, and where it can be found.
  • knows relevant conditions under which management is important and under which conditions other variables or explanations should be addressed.
  • knows basic theories of professions, professionalization and knowledge-based economies.

Krav til forkunnskapar

Admission requirements for the master programme. 

Tilrådde forkunnskapar

Course in organization, management and strategy at the bachelor-level

Undervisnings- og læringsformer

The most important success factor is self-study and participating in organised seminars with student presentations. Self-study is important in order to benefit from course readings and assignments. This will be complemented by traditional lectures and working through some examples in addition to guest lectures with a more practical perspective. The course may include presentations and visits to some relevant organisations and one seminar outside HVL.

The course will be taught in Norwegian but may be offered in English, subject to demand. Assignments and examinations may be submitted in Norwegian or English.


One group report approved combining technology management and ethics


Written examination, 5 hours 

Grading scale is A-F where F is fail. Both parts must get a passing grade in order to get a final grade for the course.

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