Arbeids- og kompetanseområde

Theoretical and experimental studies of industrial systems with special focus on multiphysics-related phenomena: radiation, casting, boiling, conjugate heat transfer, chemical reactions, multiphase, and turbulence. Agglomeration and break-up of solid adhesive particles in multiphase flows. 

Numerical modeling of aforementioned events by means of computational fluid dynamics is of particular interest.

Advanced non-invasive experimental techniques for CFD validation: computer tomography (CT), positron emission particle tracking (PEPT).

Renewable energy: nanosystems for solar and geothermal applications. 

Flow assurance: risk assessment of plugging in wells and production pipes

Underviser i
  • MAS 536 CFD for energi teknologi
  • MAS 108 Hydraulikk og hydrauliske maskiner
  • PTEK 241 Introduksjon til fleirfasesystem @ UiB (2017)
  • MAS 308 Gassteknologi (2014)
  • PTEK 205 Numeriske metodar for prosessteknologi @ UiB (øvinger, 2008)
Forskar på
  • CFD: computational fluid dynamics
  • multiphase flow
  • population balance modelling
  • nanofluids
  • solar collectors
  • flow assurance
  • heat transfer
  • boiling kinetics
  • Positron Emission Particle Tracking