New corona measures at HVL

This applies to you who are a student or employee at HVL from Monday 9 November.

As is well known, the Government has adopted new, stricter infection control measures. Today, Bergen municipality adopted its own measures to reduce the infection rate.

The government encourages us all to stay at home as much as possible, have as little contact as possible with others beyond what is necessary in work and study situations, and avoid unnecessary travel.

On the basis of this, the following applies to HVL from and including Monday 9 November:

  • Teaching that can go digital must be digital. This does not apply to skills training and laboratory training.
  • Exams must go digital. This does not apply to practical tests and practical exams that are not possible to complete digitally or as a home exam.
  • All practice is carried out as planned.
  • The campuses are not closed. Library, reading rooms and group rooms are available for those who need this.
  • All employees who can work from home must do this.