The corona situation and HVL

HVL follows national advice and guidelines and allows for employees to work on campuses to a greater extent.

“We are now making arrangements for our employees to work more on campus. There will be a gradual opening in line with the national reopening plan.”

“The national guidelines still mean home offices for everyone who has the opportunity to do so, but from now on we have a more flexible approach. This means that in the future it is desirable that more of us are more in their workplace on campus. We know that this is important for many employees and for the working environment”, says Rector Gunnar Yttri.

Opens up for travel

Yttri also says that in line with national guidelines, travel can be carried out domestically and between campuses.

“At the same time, we must all take responsibility for being careful and making good and thoughtful choices in concerning mobility. We all have an individual responsibility.”

“With five campuses, we have experienced that the infection pressure can vary. Therefore, it is important that we all familiarize ourselves with any possible local measures and regulations. Travel to and from campus in municipalities with high infection pressure should not be carried out”, Yttri points out.

Carefully and gradually

When it comes to physical internal meetings and events, there is still a national line to avoid that too many people gather to avoid the spread of infection. But in line with the reopening, it will be possible to hold physical meetings on campus, including those who gather staff from several campuses.

“When we now open up more, we must gain experience. This has been the case throughout the pandemic. Careful, gradual and controlled forms have proven to be a good approach.”

More physical education

Yttri himself has had working days on all campuses lately. He rejoices that students find their way to the campuses.

“It is good to see that there are now more students on our campuses. The new national guidelines now open up for more physical education. At the same time, many of the students are in the final sprint of the semester and in the middle of an important exam period with less teaching here and now. Nevertheless, it is good to see that many find joy, motivation and strength in meeting and working in teams, and more physical education will take hold and increase. We can be proud to have so many great students.”

Most exams are set up as home exams, and placement goes as normal.

New general meetings

“It's nice to meet employees who are returning more and more to their workplace. We all need to be part of a good working environment. We have achieved a lot digitally, but during the pandemic we have also gained a stronger understanding and experience that the physical encounters between us have something unique and important about them.”

Yttri states that there will be a general meeting for employees and a general meeting for students in mid-June.

“We have good experiences with running general meetings digitally. We will set these up in line with previous general meetings where there will be given information about the situation and plans for the autumn and the next steps in the reopening plan. There will be opportunity to ask questions and give input.”