The corona situation and HVL

The government has introduced new measures and recommendations regarding the corona situation. From Monday 25 January, HVL will open for somewhat more physical teaching in smaller student groups.

“The recommendation from the Government is still the use of digital teaching where this is possible and that larger lectures and gatherings should be avoided. At the same time, the Government is opening up so that we can provide somewhat more physical education in smaller student groups in areas with a low infection rate”, says Rector Gunnar Yttri.

The schedule applies

“All our campuses are located in areas with low infection rates. From Monday 25 January, we will open up for more teaching on our campuses. We will follow the schedule that has been laid.”

“Our faculties have made useful clarifications in recent days. We have an overview of how many students will be able to receive instruction on our campuses in small groups. We see that it is manageable within the current guidelines for infection control.”

“Until now in January, we have had some activity on campus with skills training, simulation and laboratory exercises. We experience that it has gone well. We therefore look forward to getting more of our students back, and we will do our part to take extra good care of them.”

Gradually and gently

Yttri emphasizes that digital teaching is still the main line, but more students will now have a combination of physical and digital teaching.

“We will take this gradually and carefully, and we will gain experience. We will also have to adapt along the way. Students and staff will receive further information in Canvas and from their tenants.”

Digital alternatives for continuing courses

Yttri says that continuing courses with many visiting students will not be carried out physically in weeks 4 and 5. To avoid travel, digital solutions will be set up until Sunday 7 February.

This applies to HVL:

  • The campuses are open. Libraries, reading rooms and group rooms are available for those who need this.
  • All practice is carried out as planned.
  • Everyone who has the opportunity to do so is recommended to work from home.
  • Planned events, conferences and meetings will be conducted digitally.
  • HVL encourages employees to limit their job travel activity, including between campuses, to travel that is considered necessary.
  • HVL encourages that physical meetings are not planned on campus in the near future.