No physical education on campus before January 19th

In order to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the government has decided that all teaching at colleges and universities will be digital through Monday 18 January.

From the government press release:

The government has, based on advice from the health authorities, decided that all teaching at vocational colleges, colleges and universities will be done digitally until 18 January. The goal is to reduce the infection pressure.

This means that those who want to and have the opportunity to do so, are asked to stay where they have been through the Christmas holidays and avoid getting on a plane, train or bus to travel back to the campus, says Minister of Research and Higher Education Henrik Asheim.

Open campuses

HVL will keep the campuses open during this period.

“We know that many students need to be on campus, and we have to assess the situation on an ongoing basis. We know that the conditions can change quickly”, says HVL Rector Gunnar Yttri.

With regard to placement, the Ministry assumes that it can be implemented as far as possible during this period.

“We carry out practice as planned. For skills training and simulation, we will return with more information when it has been clarified.”

“The Ministry has invited to a video meeting on Monday 4 January. After this, we will come back with more details about the situation”, says Yttri.

“The most important thing is that students stay well updated in Canvas.”

Limit the number of contacts

The Ministry writes that employees must comply with the infection control rules in working life and the rules in the municipality where they are.

“Employees can work on campus. At the same time, working from home, for those who have the opportunity to do so, can contribute to the limitation of the number of contacts, and reduced pressure on public transport in areas where this can be a challenge.”

“Employees have the opportunity to be flexible, and can combine work on campus with working from home in the first half of January.”

Refine travel

It will be possible to conduct physical meetings on campus, when the current general infection control advice can be followed.

“At the same time, in line with national recommendations, we will encourage employees to limit domestic business travel, including between campuses, to travel that is considered important.”

The important infection control advice

The Rector says that with an open campus, it is especially important that we all follow the basic infection control advice.