The corona situation at HVL

All teaching will be digital until Tuesday 19 January. Nevertheless, skills training, simulation and laboratory exercises may be carried out in some subjects.

“Digital teaching is the main line. At the same time, we have some learning activities related to skills training, simulation and laboratory exercises that are not possible to complete digitally during this period. We are now working on a solution to this”, says HVL Rector Gunnar Yttri.

Some exceptions

On Monday 4 January, Yttri took part in a meeting with the Ministry of Education and Research where this issue was on the agenda.

“On Tuesday afternoon, we received a clarification in a letter from the ministry explaining that colleges and universities themselves must consider whether there are teaching or other activities that are not possible to carry out digitally, or that can not be postponed for two weeks.”

“The ministry asks us to limit such exceptions from the recommendation as much as possible, but this gives us room for maneuver to make wise assessments, says the rector.

“The faculties work to assess learning activities that can be carried out within a safe framework of infection control.This will be limited to some activities that are critically important to ensure that students do not get delays in their studies. We will follow the line we have practiced previously in the pandemic and prioritize some of the learning activity related to skills training, simulation and laboratory exercises”, says Yttri.

“We will use today to clarify this, and staff and students will receive information in Canvas and from their tenants. We will find solutions for students who do not have the opportunity to participate in these activities. No one needs to worry about this.”

Yttri also says that the corona situation presents some challenges regarding placement that HVL no is working to solve.

“The government assumes that placement goes as planned, and we have many students who are affected by this. However, we experience that some places of placement within health and social services introduce their own infection control measures. This can affect the implementation of placement for some of our students.”

“We therefore work to find good solutions so that students can complete their placement and not have delays in their studies.”

Open campus

HVL wants to keep the campuses open, but the campuses are only accessible to HVL students and staff with key cards. Libraries, reading rooms and group rooms are available for students in need of this.

“In line with national recommendations, we ask employees who have the opportunity to work from home until 19 January. Employees can work on campus if they need access to facilities and equipment to solve their work tasks.”

The government advises Norwegian citizens to avoid unnecessary domestic travel. HVL encourages employees to limit their business travel activity domestically, including between campuses, to travel that is considered necessary. HVL also urges that no physical meetings are held on campus in the period up to 19 January.