Encourages self-imposed quarantine

Bergen Municipality encourages all students in Bergen who have been to parties or gatherings where the infection control rules have not been complied with, to go into 10 days of self-imposed quarantine.

“We ask our students to relate to this. We are now working to see how we can facilitate as good a teaching situation as possible for the students, taking into account the current situation”, says rector Berit Rokne.

She also asks students from other campuses at HVL who have been to parties or gatherings in Bergen where the infection control rules have not been complied with, to go into 10 days of self-imposed quarantine.

“We know that some students move between our campuses”.

She says that the students who go into self-imposed quarantine report to their nearest teacher, who will report this further.

Open campuses

Rokne says that all HVL's campuses will still be open and that infection control on campuses is well taken care of, among other things through enhanced cleaning and high attention to the infection control rules.

“We have decided to keep our campuses open. For those who do not have to be quarantined, it is safe to stay on our campus, provided that we all follow the infection control rules”.

It was at a press conference on Monday afternoon that Bergen municipality asked for self-imposed quarantine, following advice from the National Institute of Public Health (FHI).

The municipality points out in the press release that the quarantine should be for ten days from the day you attended the party or gathering.


Rector Berit Rokne says that HVL is now looking at how to facilitate the best possible study situation for the students.

“We focus on the students. We will now, among other things, look at how much digital and physical education we can facilitate at our campus in Bergen. Placement is also part of this”.

“We collaborate with the Student democracy, and we will continuously inform our students in Canvas and employees on the intranet”.

Rokne states that HVL has a high level of preparedness around the situation.

“It is a demanding time and we pay close attention to the situation. We know that things can change quickly and that we must consider measures on an ongoing basis”, says rector Berit Rokne.

Follow the infection control rules

No new cases of infection have been reported at HVL this weekend or Monday 31 August. Today, Tuesday 1 September, two new cases of infection were reported at HVL.

A total of 28 infected students have been confirmed at the HVL campus in Bergen. All confirmed cases of infection are related to activities outside the campus.

Rokne points to HVL's infection control rules which clearly state that no sick students or employees should be on campus. You should also not be on campus if you have symptoms of illness, suspect that you may have been infected, been in contact with infected, have mild respiratory symptoms and feelings of illness, confirmed covid-19 or been in close contact with someone who has been confirmed covid-19.

“If you are unsure, you should test yourself quickly. This is a request we have received from the infection control office”, emphasizes the rector.

Rokne says that HVL has a good and ongoing dialogue with the infection control office in Bergen municipality.

“We work well together and are in daily contact. The infection control office has imposed isolation on students who have been confirmed infected. The persons that the infection control office has defined as close contacts to the infected are quarantined”.

“The most important thing now is that we are all extra careful to follow the infection control rules to avoid further spread of infection”.

“It is important to keep the necessary distance, remember good hand and cough hygiene and avoid being with many different people in different contexts”.