Covid-19 measures at the Bergen campus will be continued

HVL extends current corona measures at the Bergen campus until Tuesday 29 September. This means that teaching is mainly held digitally and all employees in Bergen who can, are still asked to work from home.

“However, we are assessing the situation and will see if we already starting Thursday this week can facilitate more teaching activity on campus”, says Rector Berit Rokne.

Yesterday, Monday 21 September, Bergen municipality decided to continue most of the corona measures until Tuesday 29 September, but with some relief.

Campus is open

“Campus Bergen is open to students, but we are extending the measure by essentially turning planned physical education at our campus in Bergen into digital education. This applies until Tuesday 29 September, and is in line with the time perspective Bergen municipality has for continuing its measures”, says HVL Rector Berit Rokne.

“Although we mainly provide teaching digitally, we are now working to see how we can gradually facilitate more teaching activity on campus”.

“We will give special priority to first-year students. In addition, some educations have learning activities that are closely linked to campus. The faculties will clarify this, and the students will receive information in Canvas eventually”.

Rokne emphasizes that the Bergen campus is open to take care of all students who need to be on campus. Libraries and reading rooms are open.

“It is safe to be on campus as long as we all comply with the infection control regulations”.

Skills training and placement

Rokne says that skills training, simulation and lab work on campus for some educations, such as health and social sciences and engineering education, continue as before.

“Physical skills training in SimArena continues, and skills training and simulation will be carried out as normal, but with requirements for face masks”.

The corona measures may also have consequences for some of the students who have planned placement. Further clarification of this will be given to the students in Canvas.

Employees are asked to work from home

With regard to employees, HVL has decided that all employees at the Bergen campus who have the opportunity to do so, will work from home until Tuesday 29 September.

The rector says that employees at HVL are asked to limit their business travel activity, including those between campuses, to what is considered absolutely necessary.