Update on the corona situation

“We still have a very demanding situation in our country and the development indicates that this will continue for some time to come. That is why we are continuing the measures that were implemented on 9 November at HVL”, says Rector Berit Rokne.

For HVL, this means that:

  • The campuses are not closed. Libraries, reading rooms and group rooms are available for for students who need these facilities.
  • Teaching that can go digital must be digital. This does not apply to skills training and laboratory training.
  • Exams must be digital. This does not apply to practical tests and practical exams that are not possible to complete digitally or as a home exam.
  • All placement is carried out as planned.
  • All employees who can work from home must do so.

Information about coronavirus measures at HVL.

“This is in line with the national measures and the measures that are continued by, among others, Bergen municipality.”

Rokne says these are demanding times. She refers to the work that Minister of Research and Higher Education Henrik Asheim received this week from a working group that has looked at the students' situation.

“One of several measures that is being pointed out is to facilitate that students can come to campus. This presupposes that the basic infection control rules are followed.”

“Another measure is closer follow-up. This is in line with how we work at HVL, both with open campuses and the new student counselors that especially will target the first-year students.”

“The student assistants will mainly result in students being offered various student activities, which can be a help both academically and socially. It can be linked to colloquium groups or other professional measures”, says Rokne.

“I would also like to encourage all managers to plan for alternative meeting points with their employees before Christmas, and that it is also considered how one can do the same for student groups. Good feedback has been reported on such initiatives”.