“The situation is serious”

HVL Rector Berit Rokne says this on the basis of increased infection rates and new announced austerity measures from the government and municipalities.

“The situation has worsened in recent days and now the infection situation is so serious that if we do not manage to reverse the trend, we will have to shut down society completely”.

The Rector says that HVL's crisis and emergency preparedness group has had meetings throughout the afternoon and evening.

We will know more tomorrow

“We are following the situation closely. New national austerity measures have been taken and tonight Bergen municipality has announced that they will come up with a new regulation tomorrow”.

“Here, several different austerity measures, measures and injunctions have been signaled that will have consequences for us with teaching, exams, home office, work trips and more”.

The municipality has also indicated that the measures will apply to several of Bergen's surrounding municipalities.

“We are on standby and are making preparations, at the same time as we have to wait and see what comes in the regulations”.

“But as I said, the signals are very clear. There will be consequences for us at HVL. We will clarify this tomorrow”.

The Rector says that a lot is at stake in the time to come.

“It is important that everyone is loyal and follows up on the national measures and those that are given by the municipalities around us”.

“At the same time, we must take extra good care of each other and do our part to keep and comply with the infection control rules”.