The corona situation and HVL

National and local authorities have implemented new measures to limit the outbreak of Covid-19. This applies to you who are a student or employee at HVL.

Teaching and placement continue as planned

“The campus teaching goes on as planned, within the current infection control rules”, says Rector Berit Rokne.

Rokne says that much of the teaching at HVL now takes place digitally. 

“We keep our campuses open because we know that many students need to be on campus. Nevertheless, we must assess the situation continuously. We know that things can change quickly”.

“As for placement, this will also continue as planned”.

Most exams will be set up as home exams this autumn.

“We have opened up for arranging written school exams when there are good academic reasons for this. When we arrange school exams, we will provide good information in advance directly to those concerned. We will take all infection control considerations into account and implement this in a safe and good manner”.

“We will also arrange new or postponed exams early in the spring semester so that students who are unable to attend the exam due to illness symptoms do not have to wait for long to take the exam”.

Home office in Bergen and Stord

HVL follows Bergen municipality and Stord municipality's call for more use of home offices.

“Employees at these two campuses with tasks that indicate that they can work part of or the entire work week from home are encouraged to do so in the future”, says the rector.

Local adaptations

Rokne points out that some municipalities may introduce their own measures that may have consequences for employees and students at HVL.

“It is important that we all get acquainted with the various local adaptations. Around our five campuses, infection rates and the situation now vary”.

“It is very important that we all contribute to effective infection control to limit the spread of the coronavirus. We must take care of each other in this situation we are in”.