The Covid-19 situation at HVL

It has now been over five weeks since HVL received confirmation of the first infected students in Bergen. The total number of infected HVL students in Bergen since 21 August is now 45.

Updated 28 September

Rector Berit Rokne says that the figures will change in the future.

“We are in close contact with the infection control office in Bergen municipality and we have contact with several of the students who have been in quarantine and isolation, and several have now been declared in good health. We will probably also get a number of new confirmed cases of infection among the students in the future, at the same time as more students will recover. So the numbers will probably change at both ends”.

The first cases of infection at HVL in Bergen were related to students at the bachelor's programme in business administration. Infected students have also been confirmed in teacher education, health and social studies education and engineering education.

All confirmed cases of infection are related to activities outside the campus. The infection control office in Bergen municipality has imposed isolation on students who have been confirmed infected. The persons that the infection control office has defined as close contacts to the infected are quarantined.

“We have an open campus, and it is safe to stay on campus, provided that we all follow the infection control rules”, says Rector Berit Rokne.

The guidelines for infection prevention and control at HVL clearly state that no sick students or employees should be on campus. Furthermore, you should not be on campus if you have symptoms of illness, suspicion that you may have been infected, been in contact with infected, have mild respiratory symptoms and feelings of illness, confirmed covid-19 or been in close contact with someone who has been confirmed covid-19.

“If you are unsure, you should test yourself quickly. This is a request we have received from the infection control office”, emphasizes the rector.

“The most important thing now is that we are all extra careful to follow the infection control rules to avoid further spread of infection”.

“It is important to keep the necessary distance, remember good hand and cough hygiene and avoid being with many different people in different contexts”.