Diana Paola Piedra Moreno

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My interests lay within the sociopolitical aspects of mathematics education. In particular, I am interested in the discursive processes that influence preservice teachers' becomings.

My doctoral research deals with the worldwide trend of digitalization which accentuates school mathematics teachers’ responsibility in developing students’ digital skills. While research in the field of ICT integration in mathematics has focused on finding teachers' barriers that impede the effective use of technology, I choose to study the discursive formation that gives meaning to ICT integration. 

Oficial documents in regards to ICT integration in mathematics education, such as school curricula and guidelines for teacher education, are some of the sources of discourse that might influence teachers' sensemaking on ICT integration. For that reason, I look for traces on how this discursive process permeates the mandatory assignments formulated at the teacher education level and what preservice teachers do during practicum in regards to ICT integration.  

My goal is to understand how mathematics teachers make sense of ICT integration. I approach this aim by analyzing the curricular and educational discourses that might influence the decision-making of pre-service teachers in the use of ICT for the teaching of mathematics. My hope is to make an impact in teacher education so preservice teachers' understandings are considered for professional learning.  

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I earned my Bachelor of Education in mathematics from the Distrital University of Bogotá and a Master of Education in curriculum and instruction from Shawnee State University. I have worked as a school mathematics teacher and assisted projects related to teacher education.

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  • Critical Mathematics Education
  • ICT integration
  • Teacher education