Back to physical and digital teaching at the Bergen campus

“As of Wednesday 30 September, we are back to a more normal corona situation at the Bergen campus. This means a combination of physical and digital teaching for our students”, says HVL Rector Berit Rokne.

At the beginning of September, HVL canceled all physical education at the Bergen campus with some exceptions. This is in line with the corona measures in Bergen municipality. After the municipality eased the measures last week, HVL opened for more teaching on the campus in Bergen.

“We have had a gradual opening when it comes to having more teaching activity on our campus in Bergen, all in line with good infection control measures”.

“We feel that this has gone well and we look forward to getting our students back, and we will do our part to take extra good care of the students”.

We ask students to stay up to date on planned teaching activities in Canvas and in TimeEdit.

Will find good solutions

Rokne explains that the corona situation still presents some challenges that HVL is now working to solve.

“We have, for example, some placement partners that introduce their own infection control measures based on local outbreaks or as preventive measures against possible outbreaks. This can affect the implementation of placement for some of our students”.

“We therefore work to find good solutions so that students can complete their internship and do not get delays in their studies”.

Flexibility for employees

Rokne says that HVL welcomes employees back to campus.

“We believe this is important and good. We are flexible with regard to home offices based on the situation we are in”.

HVL encourages employees to limit business travel activity, including between campuses, to travel that is considered necessary.